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PRIVACY76 – how will it help?

PRIVACY76 is an online toolkit ment for data protection management in united system.
With PRIVACY76 you will be able to:
- Effectively comply with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation, such as maintaining a register of processing operations;
- Make flexible changes according to the actual situation, linking the resources and purposes used in data processing;
- Easily maintain uniform and transparent registers of incidents and requests of data subjects; - registers of incidents and requests of data subjects;
- Simply check the implemented security requirements and manage all documents regulating data processing in unified repository!
PRIVACY76 - facilitates the maintenance of daily data protection requirements!
Important! PRIVACY76 takes care of the confidentiality of the uploaded content, ensuring the full content encryption!

Benefits of using PRIVACY76:

  • Fully usable register of processing activities, in accordance with Article 30 of the VDAR.
  • Data processing is linked to data processing purposes
  • List of all resources involved in data processing and linking to a data processing purposes.
  • List of minimum required documents and security requirements as well as an integrated register of incidents and requests from data subjects
Example of use

PRIVACY76 user group

PRIVACY76 is useful for any data processing, but it will be especially useful for:

Small and medium businesses

Typically, the processing of personal data is not a core business, however, data protection requirements apply in full to both the employee and the customer as well as to data management of website visitors.


Providers of various services (such as IT, accounting, labour protection, etc.), who, in accordance with Article 30 of the GDPR, are required to keep a register of the processing operations carried out on behalf of the controller and in accordance with Article 28 of the GDPR must be responsible for security of the data processed.


Data protection professionals who need to manage more than one company.


€ 49.00 / Month

Suitable for any company if data processing is not a basic activity

Sign up for 1 year and get it for only €34.00 / Month

  • One user
  • One company

Additional account: € 5,00 / Month


€ 99.00 / Month

Suitable for consultants and specialists who provide data protection services

Sign up for 1 year and get it for only €74,00/Month

  • One basic user of the system One company
  • Up to 5 additional system users
  • Up to 5 companies

PAdditional company with additional user: € 19,00 / Month
Additional account: € 5,00 / Month


Full data protection management including the appointment of a certified data protection specialist

Included - 1 company

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All prices do not include VAT taxes
PRIVACY76 solution maintainers will be happy to advise and help you to customize the solution in other cases as well. More about the options here.



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